USAF complete aircraft fleet

FACT SHEET#5 (Full version)


Organized by Squadrons,

(and Flights / Air Groups).


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Precision / Dislaimer: 

This is an OSINT project, and it contains a number of inaccuracies on the numbers, types, and silhouettes of the USAF's aircraft inventory and units. It also does not include the deactivation that took place in June 2015 (308th FS and 17th AS among others?).

there are 5433 aircraft according to the USAF Almanac 2015 - with 5267 pictured in this open source graphic. 
-> 166 missing aircraft.
Minus the flight test and weapon squadrons not depicted in this graphic (respectively 91 and 64 aircraft each): 166-(91+64) = 11.
According to this rough approximation, I should have missed less than a dozen aircraft.
Keep in mind while the numbers might be quite correct, the number and type of aircraft per unit may not be perfect.

Part 1: Fighter, Air Demonstration and Aggressor Squadrons (FS/ADS/AGRS) and Part 2: Reconnaissance, Airborne Command & Control, Electronic Combat, Air Demonstration, Weather Reconnaissance, Airborne Air Control, Special Operations, Attack, Rescue and Helicopter Squadrons (RS/ACCS/ECS/ADS/WRS/AACS/SOS/ATKS/RQS/HS)

 Part 3: Air Refueling Squadrons (ARS) and Part 4: Bomb, Airlift and Flight Training Squadrons (BS/FTS)

Part 5: Airlift Squadrons (AS) - C-17A + PAG and
Part 6: Airlift Squadrons (AS) - C-130H/H-30/J/J-30, C-5A/B/C/M