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Founded in 2013 by Louis Martin-V├ęzian, CIGeography produces maps, charts and infographics on a wide array of defense and security topics. Our maps and research have been featured in dozen of publications around the world including SupChina, Stratfor, CIMSEC, Yahoo News, USNI News, Aerospace, Vox, The War Zone, Foxtrot Alpha, Slate, Mediapart, le nouvel Obs, Die Presse and several books.

The Team

Louis Martin-V├ęzian (Twitter) is the founder and CEO of CIGeography and brings a decade of experience in cartography, research and data-visualization. Louis holds a BSc in Economics & Politics with the University of London in Singapore.He is currently pursuing a Master in International Relations at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced international Studies in Bologna and Washington DC.

Zach Abdi (Twitter) is a writer and analyst based in Helsinki, Finland. He is interested in U.S. Diplomatic and Military developments in the Pacific as well as U.S. Military modernization efforts.

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